“Maybe I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none. Maybe I’m putting my eggs in too many baskets.” That’s a mindset that is limiting and old school. It’s not how the world works anymore. 

Hollywood Producer and Media Futurist Susan Johnston is president of Select Services Films. She is a multi-award winning producer, casting director, and actress in 50+ TV shows and films including Spiderman 3, Marvel Comic’s Prey, and Room 32. Susan is the founder of the New Media Film Festival ® in 2009 providing awards to 600+ films, shows, actors, and shorts. She is a pioneer in media with many first production and industry innovations including 1st live steam HD talk show, 1st mobile series, and working with SAG on Internet media contract changes. Susan has spoken at the American Film Market, NAB & NATPE about new advancements in the social media/crowd funding space and Winner of Best Women Owned Film & TV Production Company CA 2016 and Professor Emeritus New Media.