Amazon Prime Day List for Actors

It’s no secret that Amazon’s Prime Day has become basically Christmas in July. Black Friday in July to be more precise. 

I’ve been an affiliate for Amazon for a while and have seen some excellent deals have really helped actors over the years from self tape gear, to audiobooks, to videos and more. So I’ve decided to put them all on one list to make it easy when time is a factor and you’ve only got a few hours to score some great savings.

First things first – you need to be a Prime member. If you’re not, you can easily sign up here. You will get your first 30 days FREE! It’s been a HUUUUUGE advantage for me since the very beginning.

Here’s the list:

Self Tape Gear:


Amazon Prime Day may be the best time to upgrade the other tech gear in your life that makes running your acting business much easier. Here are some deals on items actors use all the time.

  1. Discounted PC’s, Laptops and computers.
  2. Camera upgrades and video equipment at a discount.
  3. The all new Kindle – read anywhere plus 6 months of Kindle Unlimited free!
  4. Amazon Echo at half off! $49.99
  5. Amazon Fire Stick TV is $14.99!



I’ve got a list of 15 of the best audio books for actors on that you can check out here. Right now audible let’s you get two free audio books when you sign up!

The top 5 are listed below.

      1. The First Six Lessons by Boleslavski
      2. The Actor’s Life: Survival Guide by Jenna Fischer
      3. A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston
      4. Working Actor by David Dean Botrell
      5. Secrets of Screen Acting by Patrick Tucker


      1. Shurtleff on Acting – Here author of Audition Michael Shurtleff give insight and instruction.
      2. Character – raw and candid dialogue about the life and craft of acting between longtime colleagues and friends Dabney Coleman, Peter Falk, Charles Grodin, Mark Rydell, Harry Dean Stanton and Sydney Pollack. 
      3. Playing Shakespeare – What does it take to bring Shakespeare’s characters to life? How do today’s actors make his plays accessible and keep them fresh? Sit in on 9 acting workshops led by John Barton of the Royal Shakespeare Company.
      4. Looking for Richard – Al Pacino has a documentary film crew follow him as he works on a production of Shakespeare’s Richard III; conducting interviews with fellow actors and participating in dramatic scenes.
      5. Playing the Part – With unprecedented access to private albums and behind the scenes footage, Ian McKellen gives us his thoughts on coming out and being a leader for equality, his love of theatre, and his legendary roles as Gandalf, Magneto and Mr. Holmes.

Industry Gifts:

It is said that manners are the lubricant to a civil society. Well, gifts are certainly a social lubricant in our industry of networking and relationship building. If you’ve got an agent, producer or casting office on your list to send a thank you, these gifts would be a great addition.

        1. The Biscotti Factory, Combo Variety Pack, Biscotti Gift Box, Individually Wrapped Biscottis, Hand Crafted
        2. Scented Candles Gift Set

        3. Chia Tea Gift Set
        4. 100 Thank You Cards Bulk

        5.  Amazon Gift Cards

Top Recommended Resources from the Podcast:

Honorable Mentions:

Things I’ve used that may not relate directly to acting, but have made balancing my life as a creator, dad, city dweller and business owner much easier.

  1. Amazon Pantry – $10 off food and goods delivered on the regular. Now that’s easy.
  2. Ebook Credit – $5 free to use for your next read. Take it anywhere.
  3. Prime Member Coupons – These are special deal specific to the things you buy.
  4. Amazon Prime Discounted for EBT members
  5. Amazon Music Free for 30 days