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This is the #1 App for Actors.

If you use only one tool make it this one.


rehearsal pro

Get off book FAST with the Rehearsal App. I’ve been using it for years now. I recommend it to everyone. Highlight, record, forward your sides straight to the app – no need to copy anything! And the cost can be written off on your taxes. Heyo!

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Masterclass is THE LEADER in providing exclusive videos of acting greats teaching the craft and you get access to all their content you can’t find anywhere else! Watch the HOURS of lessons, do the worksheets and connect in the forum with other professionals for just $90! (p.s. You can write this off on your taxes.)

The Best Services for Actors

Eric Satterberg

Mailchimp is a great option.

Mark St. Cyr

I think Amazing Mail is the best…it’s so easy.

Amazingmail direct mail
Dropbox storage service
mailchimp email service
Actors Insite reel upload service
Sumome website tracking