Self Tape Mastery

An Exclusive Pop Up Group by ActorCEO

Better Your Basics

We will cover the basics of a great self tape! You know the fundamentals but you may be surprised by a few tips & tricks that make things easier.

Gear Up

Review the gear you need to get started, upgrade your current set up, and even create a cinematic look to your self tapes. Plus we’ll talk travel gear!

Build Your Team

Have a reader ready to go no matter where or when!

Creating self tapes should be easy, fun, and creative, right?

But sometimes they can be a pain to get just right!

So instead of playing trial and error with your ACTUAL AUDITIONS, you can join this free pop up Facebook group and get all the tips, tricks and insight from experienced actors, expert teachers and industry pros who want to help you start making your self tapes some of the your best auditions from the first time you hit record! Get all this AWESOMENESS in one free, power packed weekend. 

Got Questions? 

Check the Q & A at the bottom of this page!

Take Control of Your Audition

Just like John C. Reily just said, we have more power than EVER to submit our BEST performance to casting! We should take advantage of this and develop the skills to be able to create killer self tapes quickly, consistently, and creatively. 

Create Quality 

Even with just your phone, you can create stunning video that looks and sounds great!

Choose Your Reader

You don’t need your spouse, neighbor or landlord to read your sides. You can get another actor anytime, any where! 

Post Production Peace

Make the steps after shooting as easy and streamlined as possible! 

Moment to Moment Mastery

The camera never blinks. Because you can choose any take, you can really develop your audition and submit the most impactful moments. 

About ActorCEO

Insight from Industry Pros 

ActorCEO has been providing working actors with insight, advice, tips and tricks from industry pros for years through The Actor CEO Podcast and at ActorCEO.com With a worldwide following of over 8,000 actors, these free pop up Facebook groups allow creative pros like you to jump into a masterclass focused on exactly what you want to learn, when you want to learn it. Easy, valuable, and practical.

Insider Insight

Felipe Valle Costa shares his insight from booking a series regular role in FX’s SNOWFALL through a self tape! Outstanding perspective from working actors and the advice they bring is what makes this group incredibly valuable.

Self Tapes 101

Straight from the LARGEST and FASTEST GROWING acting studios in the Southeast, owner Jesse Malinowski joins us in the group to walk you through key components that make your self tapes some of your best auditions! PLUS, you’ll get access to the online course SELF TAPE 101 with an awesome discount code! Saving money already! 

Special Surprises

Throughout the 3 days you’ll get some super special surprises! Extra guests, giveaways, discounts and more! I don’t want to spoil anything but this group is pulling all the strings to give you some great advice and an awesome experience.

“Go to source for everything business related in the acting industry! Awesome tools and interviews and inside tips from pros”

Ben Curtis

“Man I’ve been one of those people waiting around by the phone and there’s nothing as rewarding as breaking out of that and realizing that you control your career. Mike and his guests really give the power back to actors. Undoubtedly a MUST for anyone who pursues acting professionally.”

Daniel Colt

“Excellent Podcast! I’ve gotten very useful information from The Actor CEO. Tips I’ve used in the audition room and for my company. Thanks Mike.”

Natalie Harris

“Actors everywhere can benefit from the detailed, informative and free resource. I highly recommend it.”

Sarah Siadat

Questions & Answers

Learn How it Works!

When does this all happen?

This Facebook group “pops up” for one weekend about 3 times a year, depending on demand. The next time will be Friday, January 24 through Sunday, January 26th, 2020.

So this is free, right?

100%. Now we will be looking at classes, gear, tools and resources that may cost money (like…not much at all) but you are not obligated to buy anything to be part of the group. The goal is giving you access to what you need to take your self tape game to the next level.

Can I invite some other actor friends?

Umm…HELL YES! You should feel free to share THIS PAGE RIGHT HERE with your actors homies. Once you’re in the group, it will be private and exclusive, but until it closes you can send interested actors here so they can join.

What if I can't make it?

When you join the group you will have access to all the materials (videos, posts, content, discounts, etc). If you miss a live session you can watch the recording later. When the group closes you will be able to view all the content, but wont be able to post any new comments until the group reopens.

Why should I do this if I already know how self tapes work?

Good question. Guess what…as more studios, producers, and casting directors use self tapes because of their insane convenience, more actors will get good at them. And then you will need to know how you can best stand out when any actor can slap together a decent self tape. That’s what we will cover in this group.

Are their other groups like this?

Not to toot our own horn here but…ActorCEO is doing something pretty new with this pop up group thang! (toot!) We will certainly be doing more groups like this with topics that are in high demand for working actors building their careers (money, auditions, social media, agents, creating content, etc.) Stay tuned to @actorceo across social media and ActorCEO.com for all the info when new groups “pop up.”

Get Your Career Going!

In one weekend you can get access to info that will seriously change the game on how you audition! Better auditions lead to better connections, better opportunities, and more bookings!