Discover some common misconceptions about working with a manager.

Greg Bekkers took a unique path in starting his own talent management company, Apollo Management. His non traditional way of thinking started from a young age and from having lived in over eight countries and many more cities before landing in Los Angeles nearly seven years ago. Before starting his talent management company five years ago he had already started and ran three companies. His international view and entrepreneurial experience have given him a fresh view on the industry and how talent management should be.

“What makes Apollo Management stand out is personal attention and way of thinking. We don’t take any of the old ways of how things are done at face value, I want to know what actually works. Not listening to ‘how it’s always been done’.”

Greg says he’s most proud of the culture that we’ve built at Apollo Management. It’s not just about being better actors or getting more bookings, it’s about being better human beings. Greg says those type of people always succeed long term. “I’m very lucky to work with clients and a team that is like that.”


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