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A free online financial info session for actors.

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Your big TAX QUESTIONS answered!


1. What should you expect with the new tax deadline?

2. What can you deduct from your taxes?

3. How does the stimulus affect your taxes?

4. What are you missing?

Dominic Comperatore is the founder of Empire Tax Prep , specializing in taxes for artists.  An actor and licensed tax preparer registered in New York and California, he brings an intimate knowledge of the issues particular artists.  He maintains a bi-coastal clientele and is a proud member of SAG-AFTRA and AEA.  

Dominic will be breaking down all the points actors must know about current tax law, expectations vs. reality and what you can do right now to make it as easy as possible. He knows your fears, your questions, your habits, how you get paid, and how much you spend to keep your career going. There’s not a better person to have on your side when it comes to filing your taxes. 

Manage your money LIKE A PRO!


1. How can you save more money?

2. Where are the best places to put your savings?

3. Is investing even worth it?

4. What options are there for actors when planning for the future?

David Maurice Sharp is the author of The Thriving Artist:  Saving and Investing for Performers, Artists, and the Stage & Film Industries and a contributing author to A Life In Dance:  A Practical Guide.  In October 2014 he was named a ‘money hero’ for his work in financial literacy for artists by Money magazine.  He currently teaches workshops at HB Studio in New York City and frequently presents workshops for The Actors Fund, MusiCares Foundation, and The SAG-AFTRA Foundation.

It’s never an easy balance as an artist, but David has helped hundreds master their financial lives and feel in control of their money NOW and in the FUTURE. He will share some practical tips, planning techniques and crucial advice that will allow actors just like you to begin preparing for your financial future TODAY no matter the state of the economy or industry. There is always a way forward. 

One workshop to get the best insight, answer all your questions, and feel more confident! 

Expert Advice!

In the first part of this workshop you’ll get expert advice from Dominic and David catered to exactly how actors live their lives and the challenges you face when it comes to taxes and money.

Your Questions Answered.

You have questions. We’ve got answers. The second part of this workshop will be entirly focused on answering your questions. 

Recorded for Later Viewing.

This workshop will be recorded to not only allow you to watch it later, but to also allow helpful clips to be shared with other actors in the future.

Confidence and Connection.

You have this amazing opportunity to get info that will make you far more confident in dealing with your finances, but it will also connect you with these experts so that you can reach out and get help when you need it.

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