“We did exactly what we set out to do – provide an incredible resource for actors to build a sustainable career.” 


Welcome back. And hooray we have reached 200 episodes with the Actor CEO podcast. Thank you so much to all of you whether you are a long time listener or are new to the podcast. I could not have reached this milestone without you. 

And just for some perspective half of all podcasts have never made it past 14 episodes. And out of the hundreds of thousands of podcasts out there, your commitment to The Actor CEO podcast has let this show reach 200 episodes with industry pros from around the world, becoming a top 2% podcast world wide reaching over 71 countries! That’s really outstanding. 

And with this amazing content and advice from experts Actor CEO has brought terrific tips, insight and a focus on building a sustainable career to the web with ActorCEO.com, social media @actorceo on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and to YouTube which you can find at ActorCEO.com/youtube. Each one of these locations has clips and tips from our guest, long from advice like blogs and even deals and discounts on self tape gear, workshops and more. 

And Again this is because actors wanted this type of career help and Actor CEO our amazing guests and our community contributed. 

And I have to take a moment right here and thank our community for supporting these last 200 episodes. So many actors drop me a comment, email or even a DM to say a kind word about how helpful this resource is. 

Like Paul Roberson on Facebook saying “the best part about your advice is it’s practical and straight forward.” 

Lisa on Facebook saying ”I listen to the podcast every morning. This resource has been so helpful and really lays out step by step how to audition better and how to take care of your acting career.” 

I’ve received a ton on DMs on Instagram from people following the account and listeners saying Thank you for this resource or That one clip from your interview with this director or casting director or actor really hit home and was exactly what I needed to hear when I needed it. 

And that type of impact is what makes this so worthwhile honestly. I wanted this type of “on demand” mentor when I came out of school and that’s really what this podcast and everything that goes with it has become. 

In fact, I’ll leave you with one more review from the many that listeners have left on iTunes and this one is actually titled “ Notes to my 21 year old self” and the listener JTDJ writes “Listening to this is essential if you’re choosing to work in this field. Do yourself a favor and get a head start.” 

I am so humbled by all your kind words and honestly thankful that we have been able to produce as much helpful, supportive and inspiring career content as we have. 

If this podcast has given you some useful tip and inspiring advice I would love to ask you right now to take 5 seconds and drop a review on iTunes. It’s a huge help in letting the algorithm know that this show is making an impact and it’s a great way for other actors to find this podcast so they too can implement real word advice into their careers. 

And listen if you have watched our Instagram Live interviews with casting, coaches and others or if you’ve seen some of the YouTube clips, like my interview with Sean Astin or maybe you were just inspired by a quote on any of the Actor CEO social media accounts I want to ask that you take just another 3 seconds out of your day and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE. Sharing Actor CEO wherever you find it is the absolute best way for other actors to find all this amazing content and it means so much more when another actor you trust, says Hey Listen, YOU NEED THIS. 

We do our art, we are professional storytellers because of the power a single important message can have in someone’s life and here you have that opportunity to help another actor who is struggling with auditions, is overwhelmed by the requirements of building a career or who has just entered the business and has no idea what’s ins store.  You have the power to make a real and significant impact in that artists life when you share ActorCEO and the insanely useful insight so many pros have shared on our show. 

So while the podcast has achieved this tremendous capstone of 200 episodes full of expert advice, you can still continue to connect, get insight and share what’s working for you in the Facebook groups like free Actor CEO Self Tape Mastery group with over 2,000 members and of course on Instagram and around social media. 

The work never stops and neither should you. Plus Actor CEO .com and especially ActorCEO.com/Blog has continued to bring in thousands of actors a month to our posts on the best self tape gear, discounts on classes coaching and actor services and articles that answer your most important questions. That is a resource that is never going away and you should keep it bookmarked to get what you need the moment you need it. 

So thank you again for your time, your attention and most importantly your commitment to taking yourself and your career as an artist seriously enough to support The Actor CEO Podcast. 

I’m Mike Moreno. I’m wishing each and every one of you success and I can’t wait to see the beautiful career you build for yourself. 

Bye for now.


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