Seeing the business from so many sides makes it clear – actors are entrepreneurs.

Jade is an award winning, Mauritian/English Actor and Filmmaker from London. She began her acting career in 2006 which has spanned TV, Film, Theatre and Voiceovers. Jade is most known for her role of Naeema in THE INTENT. She began creating her own work in 2009 due to the lack of auditions at the beginning of her career. Jade is now CEO of London Independent Pictures and has produced award winning films which she has both written and performed in. She also runs a successful voiceover company Jade Asha Voiceovers. Jade has filled her book, The Actorpreneur, with her years of experience in various sides of the industry. It’s become more clear than ever that actors can control their artistic destiny and build a multi-faceted creative business. That’s what we discuss in this episode.