The 7 Best Acting Self Tape Tools Under $20

Does a ring light really make everyone look good? The answer is yes! Why? The inherent circular design of the ring light makes your features “pop” while not washing you out or changing the contours of the face. The soft light also hides wrinkles and blemishes as well, which makes it the perfect lighting tool for actors’ self-tapes. Say good-bye to uneven lighting, and say hello to perfection!

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1) Work like a Pro: The Best Selling Ring Light on Amazon is Here!

This ring light eliminates stark shadows while widely applying light. Great for fashion shoots, advertising photography, makeup application, YouTube videos, portrait photography, live-streaming and of course self tapes!

The kit includes so much for your money, an outer LED Ring Light, light stand, soft tube, white and orange color filter set, a ball head adapter, a universal power adapter with plug, a smartphone holder, and a bag to hold it all.

The light stand is constructed from aluminum alloy, giving it exceptional strength, and the soft tube makes the light rotate freely. The light has a great dimming range, and is lightweight and portable. White and orange color filters are made of high light transmission plastic material with steady color temperature. The adapter is compatible with Most DSLR cameras and smartphones.

2) Take it With You AND Save: Try this portable ring light, plus get a discount through the end of Sept. HERE!

This 10-inch ring light is smaller and more portable, so it’s great to travel with! If you find yourself on the go, or constantly changing your self tape set up, this might be the one for you. The smaller light gives less coverage, so take that into consideration, but it is still a great deal. And bonus: Neewer has a 40% off deal on Amazon from now through Sept. 30th! Actors, get on it and get your magical lighting at a super great price!


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3) Remote Control Your Look: Another Great Ring Light Brand Here

Fovitec is another great light company for your studio set up. This is a good option with a remote if that’s something you’re looking for. It comes with a tripod stand, so easy, makes you look flawless and professional and takes no time at all. It comes with the ring light, stand, power cable, phone holder, ball head, thread adapter. The Precision Control: true bi-color ranging lighting is powerful and removes the need for clip-on gels and it reproduces color accurately without those green color tints

We hope you enjoyed browsing our recommendations. Let us know which one you get in the comments below. We can’t wait to hear about all the jobs you book with these great lighting options! Lights, camera, and actor action!