“Maybe I’m a jack of all trades and a master of none. Maybe I’m putting my eggs in too many baskets.” That’s a mindset that is limiting and old school. It’s not how the world works anymore. 

The next four episodes are a series that I’m calling the What’s Next Series. And it’s a series dedicated to exploring how our entertainment business is evolving into the future and the the people who are making that happen.

Now these episodes lean heavily into professional theater, just because there is a lot of change and evolution going on in that space, but much of that change also effects creative professionals like actors no matter what Side of the entertainment industry they are in. 

And real quick to give you some background, I had actually planned on doing a live event in NYC in September 2021, but as you might imagine, there have been a number of different variables and variants… that made the logistics of a live event when we are not entirely out o this pandemic pretty difficult and I have venues who were unsure of what that would look like, potential last minute changes that could disrupt things and of course the well being and stress that unforceen changes could bring on the in person and virtual participants, so I put that idea on hold and instead took the concept of looking into the future of our business and made this what’s next series. 

So I encourage you to listen to these episodes, take in the information and learn about where the pros and major players are looking to push the industry you participate in and listen for how you can actually help affects and bring about some more positive changes that can really help all of us evolve our professional, working art form into something more equitable, diverse, accessible and sustainable. 

And listen if you love this idea of having a series and guests talking around a specific topic, let me know! Hit me up in DMs on Instagram @actorceo and give me your feedback. This show and this series is for you and it get’s better all the time because of you! So share it and share your thoughts with me on the socials. 

So next up is the first episode of the What’s Next Series and I hope you enjoy. 

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